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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

By now you know how much fun we have with Cooper and Murphy. They are fun to watch play and even fun to watch when they sleep (in their many strange positions). Here are a few favorites from this month as well as a couple of photos with bonus friend, Yuki, who was a bit overwhelmed at first..

Inside Zoomies:

Outside with Storm:

Cooper and his peanut butter tongue:

More outside fun with Storm:

Worn out trio takes a break:

Yuki joins in the fun:

Ciao for now!


  1. Cute! It seems the Shepherd liked one doodle best, ignoring the other!
    They sure look like they tear the place apart running back and forth!
    My doodle only has a Border collie to play with, and the Border collie wants nothing to do with him. It's sad. We knew better when we got him, herding breeds sometimes prefer their own kind.

    1. No preferences, Murphy is the heavier set and slower Doodle and he runs out of energy long before Cooper with his LONG poodle legs. LOL!


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