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My Monthly Check-in: September 2018

Saturday, September 1, 2018

y new post for the #MonthlyCheckIn. I will post this monthly sometime between the first and the fifth of each month.

There are twenty-five categories - I will write the first thing that comes to mind and in subsequent months, I promise to NOT look back to see what I wrote. Of course, that means there may be duplicate entries - just warning you. LOL!

I hope more folks will give this a try - just post a comment here or in the original post with your blog name/URL and I will add you to the list in the side bar. C'mon in - the water's fine! Oh, and feel free to add/change/delete any of the categories.
ENJOYING the fact all three of my former Kindle World books have been republished as the C'Mon Inn Mystery Series books as well as in a new Trilogy with the first three books available in digital format or print.

MAKING Chocolate Peanut Butter fat bombs. They are SO good and on our new way of eating.

COOKING nothing. Made chili a couple nights ago. Hubby's turn to grill burgers tonight.

DRINKING my usual ice water and coffee. Have switched to black 95% of the time.

READING blogs, news articles (mostly non-political stories) and Facebook.

WANTING the time to move more slowly. I can't believe it's September already!

LOOKING at my hubby as he tries to stay awake watching TV after a morning of hard work outdoors.

PLAYING blues music this morning. BB King, Joe Bonamassa, Susan Tedeschi, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt - so many talented folks to listen to.

BUYING groceries using the new Walmart online grocery ordering with easy pickup. This is our third time and it's worked well. There are some limitations but the convenience has been great.

WISHING the cool fall weather would start but the forecast calls for a hotter than usual September.

FOLLOWING the smell of dogs around the house, figuring out where to clean next. LOL!

WAITING for the next movie to come on and maybe the volume won't KILL my hearing during commercials.

LIKING my weight loss! Down from 162# to 136.5# and still going. Need another 10# gone.

WONDERING when we will plan our trip to Dollywood.

LOVING my husband for his humor, caring, giving and his love for his family and friends.

CONSIDERING redoing my wardrobe

WATCHING "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" - actually, hubby is watching. I'm listening. We saw it at the movies when it came out and I watched both this and the first movie a couple months ago.

HOPING things keep moving on the garage build for hubby. Have had a few issues that slowed things down couple of weeks.

SMELLING dogs that need a bath! Groomers on Tuesday...can't wait!

WEARING black capri leggings with a teal shirt that says "Work It Like You Mean It".

NEEDING to get my second guest article WRITTEN and off my "to do" list!

HEARING hubby yawning. Will he make it through the rest of the movie?

THINKING life is good. I'm happy and content.

NOTICING my capri leggings are baggy since my weight loss. Better yet, I can wear my wedding ring for the first time in several years.

KNOWING my birthday is coming soon...eeek!

Remember, comment here or on the original post (where you can copy the list of categories) with your name and blog URL if you want to be added to the monthly list. It's just one post a month. C'mon, you can do it...

C'ya next month!


  1. I am so excited ... i will get the print c'mon in trilogy!! Your picture is beautiful. I love it. Yeah, that bday ... it was not 1 Bill was looking forward to. 71.... love ya.

    1. I just ordered a couple of the print books, you will get a signed one! Love ya!!


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