Fall is finally here!

Monday, September 24, 2018

While our weather up here on the Cumberland Plateau is usually not too hot, this summer seems to have been a bit warmer than usual. I remember growing up and Labor Day always marked the start of fall for me as did Memorial Day and the start of summer.

This year, the cool weather has been elusive - well, until this past weekend when the rain moved in bringing temperatures in the upper 60s to mid-70s. A nice change, although we don't need a lot more rain. Stu says the grass is growing an inch a day and the pond is overflowing. The good news is the French drain he constructed is doing its job and the middle-lower section of the pasture isn't a swamp ground now.

He's been busy continuing to prep the Backend of Nowhere Garage for the concrete pour. So busy, in fact, he's behind several blog posts of the steps taken so far.

Yeah, SOOOOO busy!
I'm staying busy just washing his daily work clothes...including leather gloves (which got soaked yesterday). They weren't quite dry when I pulled them out of the dryer so had Stu puff them out so they would dry inside. They look kind of creepy sitting on the dryer now...LOL!

On Saturday our good friend, Earl, came over to help Stu put up the foundation boards for the concrete pour. He was designated babysitter for his four year old granddaughter. She kept me company all afternoon while he worked with Stu. The weather was nice so after an hour of watching "Paw Patrol", we moved outdoors.

She was drawing nature things - the sun, butterflies, caterpillars, bees - then moved on to writing her name as well as her sisters' and mother's. A little dancing for me and I asked if she could draw a ballerina. She did and asked me if I want to tear it out of the book and keep it. It's now on my refrigerator.

She and Murphy hit it off immediately...

Cooper was a bit more shy and she was so good about not pushing him...

She and Murphy watched Pop-Pop and Mr. Stu work for a bit...

Back inside, some fun for the two of them [video]...

Then watching "Ice Age" for a bit...

All in all, a good day. She and her Pop-Pop headed off to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

I've been busily working on defining new characters, plotting the back story, and doing research on life in the 60s on religious cults and communes in both California and Hawaii. Going to be an interesting book. I did a little cover reveal on my author blog if you want to take a peek!

Ciao for now!


  1. It's been torrential downpours here in Memphis the last couple of days. I am hoping we get some at home. Your pond is overflowing. Ours is down about 5 or 6 feet. Soon the fish will have to grow feet and lungs. No measurable rain since mid June in our part of Alabama.

    1. Wow! We've had a fairly wet summer...sorry about your pond! Hope it improves soon.


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