Sandboxes, rain and #2crazydoods

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

When we bought our house, there were two very sandy areas. One was a defined sandbox for the previous owner's grandson and the other was the pad for a hot tub (if I remember correctly). Currently, the sandbox area is still there sans the wood border. At some point, Stu plans on spreading it throughout the rest of the lawn and letting it fill with grass.

Until then...the rain that has been missing for several weeks has moved into the area, thank you Nate. What does that mean? I'll let the picture tell the story...

Believe it or not, this is nothing compared to yesterday when it was really wet outside and they were out playing for a good 45 minutes. The first thing I saw was Murphy with a tan nose. Oh my! Close behind him was Cooper with a tan beard. Both of them were full of sand. I toweled and brushed as best as I could and resigned myself to several vacuumings. Later in the day, I discovered the best solution to get rid of a sandy dog beard is their water bowl. Yup, it was full of sand!

Stu is really enjoying his time in Maryland. He's moved on to his fourth temporary B&B (stepdaughter's spare bedroom, daughter #1's camper, daughter #2's camper, brother's spare bedroom) and his final function is this weekend. If all goes well, he will be home sometime on Wednesday. Can't wait!

I did discover one thing morning as I shut the gate on the deck to keep them in the yard till they dried a bit. Cooper now easily jumps over the gate from the steps onto the deck. much for that little piece of mind. Definitely going to need a higher gate if we plan to use that at all. LOL!

Here's a picture from this morning. As they sit and wait for their morning treat, it's easy to see who's the quiet, patient one and who's the crazy, hyper one! #2crazydoods

And Murphy is smart, too. He knows where to put his Kong treat ball so Cooper can't reach it. LOL!

Ciao for now!


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