A little ketchup, err, catsup, umm catch-up!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stu headed out on his motorcycle trip on September 22nd. All goes well, he'll be back home later today. I doubt he took photos, but I know he enjoyed his time with family and firefighter friends. But more than three weeks is long enough to be gone. [smiling]

Yesterday the #2doods went to doggy day care and got groomed as well. Cooper is a bit short, but it will last longer that way. Murphy is still a fuzzy mess but only had his head, feet & hiney done. He'll get a real trim next time around, after all, he's only 3.5 months old. He has his next vet visit on Friday and he has met his 15 day waiting period for Healthy Paws insurance. I don't foresee anything being wrong, but glad to have it. Cooper already met his deductible and we've gotten our first refund check. We highly recommend it [click here for the family & friends discount]!

While they were occupied, I ran all the usual errands: Tractor Supply (dog food), breakfast at McDonald's, Petco (of course), TJ Maxx (for me & the dogs), Sam's Club and Walmart for groceries. By the time I picked them up, I was exhausted.

Ahhh - McDonald’s, always entertaining. It's where you come to charge your phone, make calls about jobs and low-income housing, discuss the movies you want to see, talk about the hot girls on Craigslist, oh, and maybe eat something. LOL. Such interesting conversations flowing around me.

Then Walmart - I didn't take a photo of the 180#, 5' 8" 20-something girl slipping into one of these. This photo was disturbing enough...Facebook friends keep reassuring me they are Halloween costumes. Um, they were on display in sleepwear. LOL!

I may have mentioned that Murphy is a chowhound - no more freefeeding for Cooper. Little Murphy scarfed his food down so quickly and one of the first recommendations from the Doodle groups was to feed him on a baking sheet, even adding ice cubes to keep things sliding around was mentioned. Well, that worked but he isn't slowing down much and after over two weeks of eating this way, he was still getting done way before Cooper.

So I bit the bullet and ordered a slow feeder bowl and used it for the first time at lunch today. WOW! Cooper was actually done first, by a couple of minutes. This thing works wonderfully! I read a lot of the reviews, there are multiple bowls in many different patterns. The flower pattern seemed to do the most to slow the dogs down, so that's what I ordered and it works!

I love my Kindle e-reader...but it seems as though I've neglected it for the past few years. This morning when I went to charge it and see how my uploads were doing, this message greeted me. INSUFFICENT SPACE Oops! See...I've been saying I need to take time to read more.

Last but not least, here is a cute video of the pups playing Chase Me with each other.

Ciao for now!


  1. Ha ha! Yes, those are pajamas. Sometimes there is a pajama-day theme at the gym where some of the trainers wear those.

    I've never heard of a slow-feeder dog dish before. Interesting! One of my dogs takes a piece or two of kibble and transports it somewhere to eat, them comes back to get another. Strange. My other dog might need the slow-feeder, though...

    1. That is so funny!!!

      We've never needed a slow-feeder before, our last two dogs were free-fed, no issues. Little Murphy gobbles it and the feeder really slows him down. We can hear him whimper in frustration at times, because he can't gobble. LOL!

  2. My teens love those PJs. Or supposedly. I bought them a pair last year for Christmas (because they were ranting about them so much) but they only wore them on Christmas night and never again. Oh well.


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