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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Well, the vote is in and I think everyone who participated. I will be moving away from Disqus commenting and back to the standard Blogger commenting. What does this mean to you? Hopefully things have improved since I made the change in 2015 and you will be able to comment without issues. Also, hopefully you will start commenting again.

I had noticed in the last year that comments were rare. After participating in the A-Z challenge, I realized (based upon input I received) that Disqus might be the problem.

Sooooooo - effective today, I am making the change. The biggest downside is all the comments from the last 18 months or so will be lost. All my A-Z comments are the biggest loss, but there is no way I can change that. Blogger stopped synching to Disqus some time ago.

Thank you for understanding!

Ciao for now!


  1. Good. I hate DIscus commenting and avoid it most of the time by not commenting.

  2. DC, and you're being unable to comment on the old Blogger system was the reason I moved to Disqus. LOL! Glad they've improved it and you can comment now.

  3. I'll definitely start commenting since it will be easier! I hope your surgery goes well and I look forward to Book 3 in the Klondike Mysteries.


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