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Sunday, December 30, 2012

We wanted to drop a note wishing all our readers a WONDERFUL 2013. I know that for many of us 2012 has been a trial. We sincerely hope this trend improves in the new year.

We are finally leaving Alliance Coach although we have enjoyed our stay here. It's always nice to have a good dog walk, plenty of places to visit in the local area, good utilities and a paved parking spot.

Our repairs? We ended up with only the refrigerator thermostat being covered under warranty. The dryer motor wasn't burned out. Even though we clean the dryer lint filter every time we use it, use a brush for the area under that as well as through the outside duct, five years of heavy use caused an accumulation of lint inside the dryer. Suspicion was that a chunk got pulled in and when things heated it the safety switch overrode it and shut off the dryer. Lesson learned? Every couple of years we should pull out our dryers and check inside and behind them. You actually need to disassemble some of the cabinet to clean the area around the motor and drum, it's the only way to get to those areas

The A/C heat strip was checked and seems to be functional  We suspect we were running it when it was too cold, causing it to run continuously. It's supposed to switch to the gas heat if that happens but that might have failed.

So labor charges were the biggest thing we had to pay out. Great folks, always friendly and helpful. The office gals are wonderful, too. We highly recommend these folks if you are in central Florida and need work done.

We move to Bee's RV Resort tomorrow and will be there for two weeks. Of course it should be noted that one of those weeks will be spent on our cruise out of Tampa. We're doing the same western Caribbean route that we took last February. Stu has booked several diving excursions and I plan to catch up on some reading. My Kindle is loaded and ready to go!

After Bee's we move to the Thousand Trails park in Wauchula, FL. We'll be there for two weeks before moving back to the Clermont area but to the Thousand Trails park there. Lots of moving around this winter.

Last note, if you are on Facebook, please be sure to visit and click LIKE on my new page for my upcoming Klondike Mystery Series (first book due out soon).

Again, regardless of how 2012 treated you, wish it well as it  rolls out and welcome in 2013 with a cheer!


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