Fun Day at Dollywood

Friday, December 14, 2012

We planned to spend most of the last two days at Dollywood but after an hour there yesterday, I got too sick to stay and we came home early. I felt better today so we headed over again. The weather was a bit warmer and for whatever reason, the crowds were smaller. Stu rode three different coaster, two he'd ridden before. His favorite, the old wooden coaster followed by the Mystery Mine. The last ride of the day was the new Wild Eagle, he said it was the most intense of all.

Where the bird show is normally held, they have set up a model railroad display - over 1,000sf. Really nice!

Stu had me take a photo of one of the giant animal pillows to send to our step-daughter who loves ladybugs.

We left just after dark, got a bite to eat at Denny's and then grabbed some groceries at Kroger. All in all, a nice day.

Tomorrow we hope to leave around eight in the morning, making at least 400 miles. The closer we get to the GA/FL border, the better off we'll be on Sunday. The campground space at Alliance Coach is first come/first serve.


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