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Thursday, December 27, 2012

It had to happen someday, we knew it would. I guess with five years on the road we've been lucky to escape it this long. The first instance was a couple of weeks ago. I went to pull out our griddle to cook something and noticed the disposable shop towel I had laying over the top of it (to prevent scratches) was shredded up into pieces. There were also pieces of a paper towel...I still don't know where that came from.

Pulling things out of the cabinet we quickly realized we had a stowaway, obviously trying to build a nest in where it was warm. We cleaned things up and Stu went out for bait and the big guns - a mouse trap. He set it up with some peanut butter and within an hour we had our first victim.

We disposed of the remains and reset the trap. No go. I set off the trap and asked Stu to move it to a different spot where I'd be less apt to trip it. Soon it was apparent that our stowaway was also a runaway, living the solo life.

We did discover that he had traveled a little further when I pulled out my bag of pasta for dinner. Yup, he liked pasta and had had a banquet. Trashed the bag and put pasta on our shopping list.

This was a month ago and all has been traps tripped, no signs of all of other intruders. Of course if they were along for the ride from TN to FL, they probably headed for the beach as soon as we parked.

Yesterday I was storing some things under the bed, moving things around and just generally rearranging them. I picked up a couple of bags and found a pile of cough drops and a couple of mouse turds. "What the heck? Did I store some under here and the bag broke?" I thought.

Then I went to my side of the bed where I have a small basket to stash things. One thing is a snack size bag for my cough drops to take care of middle of the night coughs. The bag was empty! That little bugger had moved every cough drop (almost 2 dozen) from my side of the bed, underneath to the front opposite side. Never ate one, only unwrapped one. Guess he was afraid he was going to get a cold from us humans. Jeesh!


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