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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Most of us have needed help at some time in our lives. I now have a good friend in need. She is a lady motorcyclist that I've known for over nine years. A couple years ago she left her job and started her own doggy day care center, Amanda's Wags & Wiggles.

She now finds herself in need, medical need. She has a growth on her thyroid but no insurance or funds to cover the costs of tests to determine if it's cancer or not. That's the first step, she could still need surgery.

In 2001 my late husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. Most of you knew that. What you probably didn't know what that in August of that year, I found a large tumor on my thyroid. I had insurance, I got the tests done. In my case, I had to have surgery to remove it before they could determine if it was cancer or not. Fortunately it wasn't but I had to undergo extensive surgery to find that out.

Amanda may not need surgery but she won't know until she can get several tests done. Yes, times are tough but even $5 helps out. Please do what you can and please pass this along to your friends. Let's see if we can't get Amanda the medical care she so desperately needs. Thank you!


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