Fish have LOINS?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Seen while shopping in Sam's Club today...couldn't resist taking a photo.

I posted this in Facebook, here are some of the comments made:
  • Cathy: Who knew? Makes a very weird mental picture.
  • Daniel: Och! Me cod loins!
  • Betty: I don't think I want to go there . . .
  • Michael:  Costly. Must be rare...
  • Jim: Right next to the Perch Cheeks 
  • Pamela: That's why they are so WILD! Wild thing, you make my loins sing... la la la
  • Donna: Oh hee hee ha ha - really??
  • Lyn: Well of course they do! Where do you think baby fish come from?? Don't you remember Nemo's dad saying "You are the fish of my loins"? Oh, wait. I could be wrong on that quote. 
  • Julie: LOL Fish loins! Who woulda thunk it!


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