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Monday, October 15, 2012

I don't have a title for this post, I don't have much to say in this post. LOL! We spent the week getting more doctor appointments out of the way. I had my Physical Therapy (PT) evaluation for my shoulder and brought home some exercises to do every day.

Thursday was our normal primary care physician visits along with the bloodwork. This year, thanks to the CDC announcement for baby boomers, we added in Hep C screening. Then because our property is in the woods and there are a LOT of ticks, we both got Lyme screening, too. We got our results yesterday...all tests were good! Well, my cholesterol is up but not hugely high. We're giving it a year to see if I can get it down with exercise (already done the diet part). We both got flu shots and because I turned 65, I got my first pneumonia vaccine.

Stu then saw his surgeon's office for his knees. Other than needing to get back to doing daily PT for thigh strengthening, his checkup was good, too. He has to go back in six months so looks like we'll be in Maryland next April-May timeframe, at least for a few weeks.

We have a reprieve next week - just our dental appointments. Phew!

I ended up feeling really back the 24-48 hours after the shots. The one shot in my bad shoulder was really painful, then toss in a low grade fever and aching all over. UGH! Doing better today but had to cancel my PT appointment on Friday - I could barely move my arm. Moved it to Tuesday. Hoping I can do the home exercises tomorrow.

In between appointments we ran a few errands. I noticed a Staples store and ran in to see if I could find a comfortable but inexpensive office chair. I rarely use my desk area because the dining room chair is too uncomfortable for anything but short periods. I really lucked out. All the chairs were on sale and I got a VERY comfortable one for $49. Happy camper!!

Then I ordered a wireless keyboard so I can use the keyboard tray for better height adjustment. I loved finding one in white so I can see when in the evenings. Now the only thing missing is a monitor but I'll wait on that one. LOL!

Stu had hoped to do a benefit motorcycle ride for a fellow firefighter today but we woke to 26 degrees. It was all the way up to 30 at 8am and after that it was too late to go (he had a several hour ride to the starting site). So he and Sadie took advantage of the snuggle weather....then Sadie baked in the sun for a while.

He's headed out on his annual guy ride now and I hope to get in two days worth of writing and MAYBE finally finish my mystery novel. Then it's edit time...got any volunteers to help? [giggle]

Be sure to read all about my coincidences on my next novel after this one on my writing page.


  1. It's always good news to get positive results from the Docs....and exercise can improve it even more...

  2. If you want someone to proofread, I'll volunteer!

    Glad you're both doing well.

  3. Seeing your top picture, it's surprising that diet hasn't lowered your cholesterol. :)

  4. Enjoy the new office equipment, always fun to have new things!

  5. That is one WHITE keyboard! On retrospect, wish I had gotten one sans mouse/trac area and the expanded keys in that side area like yours. I find that I use my regular mouse and keep reaching instinctively for the numeric keys on the side. Ah well, live and learn and love what I have - at least I'm wireless!

  6. This has been the year of never ending doctor appointments for us. And we still have lots to go. But I do like those good reports. We did get our flu shots and my arm was really sore for about four days. Jim only hurt for about a day. Not fair.

  7. Hope your feeling better. With that cold weather setting in, sounds like you need to be heading south....lol

  8. I was always at odds with my wireless keyboard. Every time I turned around I needed new batteries. Big pain. My edits take me forever. I have a crit partner who helps as I go, but sometimes it takes me twice as long in edits as it does writing. The last story I went through 8 times.


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