Cold but safe....

Monday, October 29, 2012

I tried to send a quick email update to let everyone know we arrived safe yesterday but guess it never made it. We did two hard days of driving (for us), little wind, fair amount of rain yesterday, some dreaded night driving Saturday (which started out gorgeous and degraded as we headed south) and arrived to 43 degrees and drizzly at around 4pm yesterday.

Bike are unloaded and in the shed, supposed to get back up to 60 on Fri/Sat and we might get in a nice ride. Plus Stu has a service appointment he needs to get done, hopefully Friday.

While driving down we passed literally HUNDREDS of trucks from utility companies and tree companies headed north. We've never seen this level of advance preparation and hope it helps the recovery effort. It really looks to be an ugly, ugly, dangerous storm. Hoping all our family and friends stay safe!

I know many of you are geocachers and I wanted to pass along this book from a writing friend that I thought might interest you. Be sure to share the link with your fellow cachers.
Available for purchase in ebook and print from all major online retailers. If you or someone you know enjoys cozy mysteries or geocaching, or lives in the Willamette Valley where this series is set, nab a copy. The ebook is $4.99, and the print copy is being sold at a discount by Amazon. What a deal!


  1. Good to hear help is on the way from other power companies. We're gonna need it. Again, I'm so very glad you guys made it home safely.

  2. So happy to hear you're safe. It's about time they prepared ahead of time for a disaster. But no matter how many or how well planned, it's still not going to be fun.

  3. Good you made the decision to move on...We are suppose to get huge waves on Lake Michigan tomorrow here...and maybe some high winds even 60 miles SW of Chicago, where we live...

  4. Safe is GOOD - glad you guys are there. We are in Destin Fl at the moment in a real nice State Park - FHU - heading towards Punta Gorda tomorrow for a 2 month stay.
    Take care guys!


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