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Monday, February 22, 2010

A comment from yesterday's blog took me by surprise....we were presented with the Sugar Doll blog award. It was passed to us by reader, Michael Lockridge. It does come with some strings attached, but I think we can meet the requirements.

First, we must pass the award on to four other blogs that we feel are deserving and hopefully ones that can use an expanded reader base. Hmmm, that is the hard part. I read a LOT of blogs, but many of them already have a lot of other readers. Two of my favorite blogs, Nick's Gypsy Journal and Ara's Oasis of My Soul, already have huge reader bases so they were passed over. After much searching, comparing, reading, I made my selections and am honored to pass this award along.

Traveling Journey - Our Life as Full Time RVers
First is an RVing couple that I've had the privilege of meeting recently. They are new to RVing and are still working from the road. Motty was born in Israel and Patti was born in the US. Their blog combines their travels (with wonderful photos), recipes and a dash of work. I think you will enjoy it!

Rojo's Ramblings
Next is a new blog for me, I've only been following it for a short time but I love his view on things and his obvious love for his travel partner, Jeannie. I think you'll get hooked on his stories. 

Building a Log Cabin
Third is a blog I found my seeing what blogs others read. Greg & Shelley built their dream log cabin in northern Michigan. If you go back to the beginning you can follow along. Now that it's completed the blog is about their life there, their pets, the wildlife and even some fun decorating ideas.
Last but not least is my quirky choice and is run by a good friend, Wendyvee, who is just as much fun as her blog. She is a lady motorcyclist with the most amazing sense of humor. I hope you enjoy the submissions on her blog as much as I do.

So for my fellow is YOUR award!

The last thing is having to post ten things about myself....I figured I'd let Stu off the hook on this one. LOL!

  1. I am mother to three, step-mother to seven and grandmother to twenty-five. Can you say WOW? LOL! We don't see any of them nearly often enough and treasure what time we do have with them.
  2. I tried out for two roles in community theater in my 40's and got both roles. I LOVED IT!!!
  3. I am a published author, non-fiction for the most part. Haven't done that for about 10 years now. Hard to tell, I know. My grammar & punctuation here isn't all the best. Ooops... Hoping to get back to fiction writing.
  4. I grew up in a very small New England town on the water. Quaint little town that has lost its charm now that it's a bedroom suburb to Boston.
  5. I haven't lived at one physical address longer than 3 years since I graduation high school in 1965. (Maybe the same town, but not the same address.) Think I was born to be a full-time RVer...
  6. In 2005 I toured the country solo on my motorcycle....42 states, 27k miles. What an adventure!!! A once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never regret or forget.
  7. I never had fried chicken till I was 19, a taco when I was 30 and anything Japanese when I was 45. Yup, led a little bit of a sheltered life.
  8. I've been a waitress, long distance operator, grapefruit packer, bookkeeper, car hop, and more before settling into a 30 year career in computers ranging from a data entry clerk to a VP of Client Services...all without a college degree. Hard work DOES pay off!
  9. I used to love to bake...but I ate it all. I used to hate to cook...but am learning how to do make simple, healthy meals for us. I've never been athletic, but I did own & show horses in my 20's. Now my exercise is pretty much limited to walking...and soon, more bicycle riding (no, the motorcycle riding isn't exercise...darn it!)
  10. I am truly blessed to have found a wonderful life partner who every day helps me become a more relaxed and adventurous person.
Okay, you all know more about me than you ever wanted to...I hope you will check out my featured blogs.



  1. WOW and WOW

    WOW for being selected - I saw the comment on the last blog. You sure deserve it!

    WOW on selecting us. We are very impressed by you and sure will meet again. We ARE looking forward to it.

    and WOW for those magical 10 things about you :) I did not live in one place in the last 10 years more than a year... Funny, isn't it?

  2. Congratulations on your well deserved recognition. I never miss your blog. It's fun to learn a little more about you and your background too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for letting us get to know you better. Your ten things help explain why you got selected--you live life! Of course, we readers of your blogs already knew that.

    So, what name do we search on to get your books?

  4. Thank you so much Donna, That was a very nice surprise. Jeanie is an incredible person and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

    I have been around the block a good many times in my life but on the trip around the block when I found Jeanie was where I was suppose to be.

    Thank you for reading my Blog. When we get to April - July 2007, life throws Jeanie another curve but as you can already see she will meet it head on just like she has all the rest.
    Thanks again


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