Not sure where the time goes....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Many of us full-timers that blog often wonder where the time goes....we turn around and it's been days, sometimes weeks since we blogged. We stay in an area for longer than usual and miss seeing more folks than we visit.

We are staying in one spot mainly because we have some chores that need to be done. Sometimes it seems as though we cross one item off our to do list only to add two more!

One biggie had to be done because we plan to do some boondocking, Stu needed to sanitize our fresh water tank and flush the water heater. We had already bought a new anode rod quite a while ago and as it turned out, we really needed it. LOL!

Another biggie on the list was to the hose needed to hook up our grill to our big propane tanks. We're 90% there, no more green bottles!! It will get finished before the weekend is out.

Today we went to the Arizona Market Place again to pick up some more LED bulbs for our friend, Ara, and do some general browsing. We picked up the bulbs, a new aluminum folding step for outside, a spatula for grilling, some used books for me (till I break down and get my Kindle), and a few more sundry items. We grabbed a quick hot dog for lunch and just before we left we splurged on some ice cream.

While sitting and eating the ice cream we noticed a rather unique scooter-tow arrangement. Seeing folks on scooters and even Segways putting around the market is pretty common. In this case it appears that rather than have two scooters in the family, a little modification was needed. The scooter tows a little trailer with a bar stool welded to it. The gentleman held on for dear life but the system seemed to work. We barely caught a photo...

We had just enough time after our shopping to take everything home and run out to catch a movie. We opted for Valentine's Day since I thought it was time for something on the less serious side. We both really enjoyed it, lots of laughs and two BIG surprises at the end.

Tomorrow the mobile repair service arrives to work on our bigger things...all covered under extended warranty, fortunately. No telling what this weekend will bring but I am thinking at least one motorcycle ride. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous!!!

Oh, and we have been walking an average of 1-2 miles a day. We are now striving for 2 miles on most days. We're grilling a lot of veggies (mostly peppers, sweet onions, zucchini & summer squash) and drinking more water. Both working on getting it right....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Good for you Donna and Stu. This weather has been wonderful hasn't it!

  2. Time seems to slip between the fingers and disappear. Wish I had some extra time on my hands. Enjoy your Boondocking and the perfect weather. This W/E we suppose to get some storm here in S.CA - so it is probably going to get your area sometime too.


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