We've got a waterfall!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today we headed back to the property to once again walk it but this time we wanted to follow the creek. It's close to one side of the property, swerves a little closer and then meanders back towards the middle.

It's easy to know you are approaching it because the shrubs change...the rhododendrons here are huge and obviously have been around for a while. They are hard to navigate since they spread out low to the ground.

Stu got to play "Romancing the Stone" though. We stopped at the local Tractor Supply and picked up a machete, well...half a machete, the other side is a saw. He slashed us a trail through the underbrush, thoroughly enjoying himself.

Our shock for the day was finding that once the creek gets away from the road, it follows some gorgeous rock bluffs!! We took several shots, more are in our album at SmugMug.There are even a couple of very small waterfalls...yes, VERY small but you can hear the water more clearly here.

We will definitely be adding some paths down to the creek and hope to find more waterfalls deeper into the property...we ran out of time today.

Lots more planning to do but today was a great day!

Still rolling,
Stu & Donna


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