It's final and posted!

Monday, November 23, 2009

We got the final signed copy of the closing today as well as our recorded deed. We immediately headed out and posted NO TRESSPASSING signs on the property. It needs more, but at least the road frontage side is done.

We also stopped in at the company that did the original survey back in 1988 and got a full size copy of the plat map for the sub-division. We can actually read this one...LOL! We anticipate getting an updated survey done next fall so we can have new corner markers posted.

Stu has been busy with some inexpensive shareware, working on designs for the pole barn and the cabin. At some point he will get in here and post about it. The software is Ez-Architect (for Windows 7, XP & Vista). It's got a free trial and only $19.99 to buy it (which we have done).

We leave the area tomorrow morning and have a busy schedule through the end of the year so don't be surprised if we don't post here for a bit.

Still rolling,
Stu & Donna


  1. How exciting! I am looking forward to many more posts as the basecamp progresses :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot.


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