Weekend is winding down....grandbabies go home tomorrow.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a great weekend we’ve had…. We picked the grandbabies (Livie, almost 4 and Jesse, just 1) on Friday afternoon. We got a later start than intended….Livie got to ‘help’ Dadoo get the fifth wheel ready to roll. Big helper…unfortunately it put Stu’s habits in a tizzy. Things were done out of order and when he moved forward…big OOPS! The power cord was still plugged in. Nothing looked too bad once unhooked, an outside plastic piece was busted but we thought the cord was okay.

Three hours later we hit the Hershey Highmeadow Campground, http://www.hersheycamping.com/ ….the kids had both napped most of the way. It was verging on dark and we still had to get set up. Stu jockeyed the trailer into position in between chats with our RVing friends. Once in place, we unloaded the kids and he started all the hookups. I sat inside keeping the little ones occupied until the power came on. We waited, and waited, and waited….finally I heard Stu chatting so figured someone distracted him from getting us plugged in. Come to find out, we’d been hooked up for 15-10 minutes…just no power. Well, long story short….he repaired the plug head (doncha love my technical terms) after checking with the camp store to see if they had a new one. Both ends need to be replaced but after three hours of waiting, we had power! Got everyone fed and the little ones trundled off to bed….finally. 

Turns out that the kids didn’t have a great day either….Heather (the kids mom), her sister Melissa, her boyfriend Shep, and several other friends were on their way to Cedar Point for a long weekend of roller coaster fun. Well, 84 miles from the park their truck stopped dead. AAA came and towed it to a dealer but the promised pickup from Enterprise Car Rental never appeared. So all 5 of them climbed into their friend’s pickup truck already carrying two adults. Bet that was a funny visual!

Saturday early afternoon was Halloween here at the park. Stu took the kidlets around while I manned the candy table. What a great group of camping Halloween tricksters arrived…great outfits and all very polite. We had bought two large bags of candy and ended up with about half of a bag left. (No, we aren’t keeping it…the kids will get it. LOL!)

Saturday evening we had dinner with our RVing friends….great food, good conversation and rain with falling leaves. What more could you ask for? LOL! Sunday morning we repeated it but with bacon, sausage, eggs & more. We will meet up with several of them again next weekend at Punkin’ Chunkin’ in Bridgeville, DE. Looking forward to it…didn’t have near enough time to chat with anyone…the kidlets needs came first.

Most of them headed home today, we are staying till Monday morning. So this afternoon we headed over to Hershey Chocolate World. Fun way to spend a couple of hours. The kids loved the factory tour ride as well as the sight of all that candy (and toys and other souvenirs). 

The weekend is winding down, the littlest is asleep and the elder isn’t far behind. It’s been great and I think the kids enjoyed it almost as much as we have! I have photos on my phone, Stu’s phone and my camera. Will upload those once we get home and post them.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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