Cumberland Mountain General Store

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's forecast was the warmest of the week, supposed to hit 60 degrees. I woke up feeling a little punk so it was after noon before we headed out. My bike was in the shop and when I called, they hoped it would be ready this afternoon.

We headed out towards our new property, stopping to sightsee in an interesting store we had passed several times...I had mentioned wanting to check it out. Back in the mid-80's, my late husband and I had bought property in the Crossville area of TN. I remembered visiting a Cumberland General Store there and wondered if this were the same and they had moved it.

This store was the Cumberland Mountain General Store and as soon as we stepped in the door, I knew it was a different store. Ancient building, stuffed to the brim with antiques and what nots....a definite stop for us when shopping for things to decorate the cabin. Someday....LOL!

At the back of the store is a great little cafe done in 50's diner style. We had a good lunch and continued to browse the store.

Outside we found some cute little log cabins used as playhouses or camping cabins. Stu had me take his photo...think maybe it should be the header photo here? LOL!

Great ride...headed to Cookeville and picked up my bike. Runs great and the clutch is back where it should we see if it will last longer than 200 miles. We did learn my front tire is wearing...have to keep an eye on that.

Got home after dark...again. Keep in mind we have 1.5 miles of winding gravel road to travel from the front of the park back to our RV. UGH!!

I did a little research when we got back home. I was right that there had been a similar general store in the Cookeville area. It was named the Cumberland General Store. Seems as though it was moved to Alpharetta, GA in 2005 due to pending road construction. They do still have a catalog you can order as well as an online store.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Congrats on your new property. Your plans sound great! Looks like you have some great options in the future.

  2. I love stores and restaurants like that !


  3. Those stores are fun to visit, but we seldom buy anything from them -- even though we are already "nesting" in our casita and trailer. Different style here in Arizona. Guess we'll have to go out to Al's Rattlesnake Ranch!


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