The final decision is made.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well it's done....the last major decision is made. I've found the trailer for my motorcycle (used) and will pick it up, with a friend's help, on Tuesday. It's a single bike trailer, enclosed, already set up with a chock and d-rings and it's lightweight.

The trailer is made by Chariot Trailer out of Tampa, FL. The price is right, the options on it are right, the quality is right....I think you get the picture. The model is the Cycle Shuttle 10-6. Here are some photos of it.

Since it is fiberglass and waterproof, I don't want to put any holes in the sides (or top). I wanted to be able to store my motorcycle gear in it since 1) there is no room in the motorhome and 2) I need to keep the weight down in the motorhome. After much discussion with the current owner as well as doing some Google searches, I came up with what I think is a good solution.

I plan on getting a couple of large wheeled duffle bags. The ones I am looking at are 40" x 16" x 17" and hold 2,240 cubic inches (200.5 liters). While they weigh over 11 pounds, that won't make a difference since they are on wheels. They are still lighter than some type of trunk, tote or toolbox.

They will sit flat on either side of the motorcycle, strapped to the d-rings to secure them. When I need to move them, I just wheel them out of the way (or out of the trailer). Inexpensive and practical solution!

So now I can concentrate on putting "keeper" stuff in totes that the kids will pick up this weekend (along with my living and bedroom furniture). They are in for a shock....right now the count is 13 totes with at least 2-3 more before they get here. Six of those are the LARGE size. I begin to see why some folks have sheds or small storage units. LOL!

My time is numbered........
  1. Friday (21): haircut, more packing/moving/storing
  2. Saturday (22): final tote packing for storage
  3. Sunday (23): kids arrive, move furniture/totes while I watch the grandkids, go out to eat & visit a bit
  4. Monday (24): more packing/moving/storing
  5. Tuesday (25): pickup new-to-me motorcycle trailer, learn how to use it (oh my, another adventure)
  6. Wednesday (26): final tote packing for storage (any leftovers that I will take to Atlanta with me)
  7. Thursday (27-29): pickup rental car, head to Atlanta for 3 days to babysit the grandkids
  8. Sunday (30): head home - rest & recuperate
  9. Monday (1): return rental car, run any other errands as needed
  10. Tuesday (2-7): tackle office (oh my!!)
  11. Monday (8-12): clean up all final loose ends, get rid of furniture that's left, donate "stuff", take care of closing stuff as I can, change addresses, forward mail, schedule house cleaning....
See? Busy, busy, busy......LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Nice trailer, mom! I think that will work perfectly for you.

    Regarding the rolling duffels...another great idea...with caveats. I bought one about the same size as the one you posted and lemme tell ya...that stinkin' thing gets HEAVY. I used it extensively with all the traveling I was doing earlier this year and always had a challenge with weight at the airlines. It was very easy to get to 50lbs with nothing more than clothing...AND THE BAG WASN'T EVEN NEAR FULL!

    Anyway, just beware that these things can get heavier than you would believe.

    With that in mind, I'd also recommend spending a little more on heavy duty models. The one I bought is a Bass Pro model made of very heavy canvas and nylon. I really like the fact that it has an entire separate section on the bottom that zips separately. You can check it out at It is item# 38-612-949-20.

    Love ya!

  2. I just stumbled on your blog and read back through part of August or so, and wanted to say congrats on your new adventure. You are much braver than I would be. I admire that.

    We are planning to full time by next summer, and have put our house on the market her in WA, and hope to leave for our temp home in FL on the 13th, but may have to wait a few more days so we can finish house repairs here, so I am going through the same downsizing -- and also have saved my office for last... it is a nightmare, so I got a chuckle reading your schedule.


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