Chattanooga, Camping World - Day Two

Monday, September 3, 2007

Another campground night survived....they do have cable TV but I haven't bothered to try to find the cable cord I THINK is in one of the bays. I get several channels off the antenna and that has been fine.

The Comfort Inn behind the campground has great wireless but requires you to log in so still no Internet access. I know everyone is probably wondering how I am doing....LOL!!

Had some good news last evening....I may have a contract on my house! My UPS man and his wife have wanted to buy my house since last year when it was first on the market but they needed to sell their house first. They found a buyer for their house but the buyer needed to sell theirs. Well the chain seems to have been completed....they have a buyer and should be signing the contract Tuesday or Wednesday. Once that is done, then my buyer will write up our contract. From there it will be a race to see how we can coordinate the closing dates and possession. I think I will have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me!

Back to the campground....more firsts today. I decided to try out the awnings. The window awning over the sofa was pull it down and hook the strap. No problems. It was the main awning that I was worried about...remember I mentioned all those steps. I should have gotten the book out first...I ended up getting it started but did one thing way out of sequence and had to get two folks walking by later to help me out. Phew! At least I didn't damage it!

I headed back up to Camping World to see about scheduling a service appointment for new shocks. Strike one....they are booked until late Wednesday. Strike two....they don't have my shocks in stock. Strike three....the earliest they could get them in would be Thursday's delivery. Before I develop an alternate plan I will talk to the Service Manager in the morning and may opt to set an appointment for Thursday afternoon and then head directly to Goshen, IN from there. That gives me two days to load up the RV....oh my! Not going to be spending much time online for a while. LOL!

Then factor in the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light and finding out I have to see the Ford Dealer for that....let's hope it's something simple like an oil change reminder light that needs to be reset.

I forgot to mention what a beautiful sight I saw this morning as I took BoBo out for his first walk. The sun was just over the horizon and as we walked towards the lake I heard a raucous cry. In swooped a gorgeous and huge blue heron (at least that is what I think it was). Before we got to the other end of the small lake, another raucous cry heralded a second heron who settled in the trees. Now THIS is what camping is all about....

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. Congratulations on your first trip! It is a learning experience as you are finding out, even if you've done it before. Every rig is a bit different.

    Be real careful with your big awning in a strong wind. We had one destroyed by a dust devil in Yuma. It cost $1700 to replace it. Since then if it looks like it may be windy I will put it up, especially if we are going to be away from the rig. I also know people who turn the water off at the city water faucet or your pump if on your own system when they are going to be away. Just extra protection.

    Escapade starts when, Saturday? How many miles do you have to cover to get there? Can the new shocks wait until you get back?


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