A Day of Firsts

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Well, I survived my first night in The Lily Pad....all snug and tucked into a corner of the dealer's lot. Quiet location, for the most part, we settled in and headed to bed at 11 pm. I slept pretty well, did dream about what I wanted to do to settle my stuff in my new home.

About 6 am I awoke to a major storm blowing through....heavy downpours, high winds, thunder and lightning. I considered getting up and bringing down my TV antenna but knew that would awake BoBo and there was no way were were going outside in that downpour. It lasted over an hour but finally pushed through the area, headed on to new territory.

The dealer has no service staff on weekends but two of the sales staff showed a little after 9 am. About 10 am, BoBo and I wandered around the front building to wait for the owner to show. Another customer was there and we chatted for a while. Eventually the owner appeared, having slept in a bit being a weekend. He thought I was pretty much set to go, then he found out we still had some things to cover including dumping the tanks.

My firsts today....
  • Backing up my first motorhome
  • Driving my first motorhome
  • Hooking up power and water
  • Starting the generator
  • Putting down the awning (that sucker is HUGE, covers the entire side of the rig)
  • Putting up the awning (wondering how I will ever remember all the steps)
  • Dumping the tanks (glad the black was almost empty because the hose blew off )
  • Driving 225 miles on the interstate in my first motorhome
  • Pulling into my first rest area (truck side) with my first motorhome
  • Getting gas in my first motorhome (lined up just perfect...filler is in the middle of the back....too far to reach with the short hose so had to pull forward & back several times before I could reach it)
  • Spending the night in my first campground in my first motorhome
  • Doing my own hookups in my first campground in my first motorhome
Gee, can you tell I'm excited? Tomorrow I get to try to remember everything I need to do (got to build a checklist), head out and try to make Chattanooga where I will stay at Camping World's campground. I'm hoping they will be open Labor Day so I can get some shopping done.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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