Ten Ways You Know You're Ready.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How you know you're ready to move into your RV full-time...
  1. You have to keep taking clothes out of the RV to the house each day.
  2. You wish you had DirecTV in the RV.
  3. You can't remember which cabinet has what...and realize you don't care
  4. You spend more time in the RV than the house.
  5. You want to spend your nights in the RV even though the bed is smaller, the mattress is older and you hit the walls when you turn over.
  6. You clean the floors in the RV daily....you figure you'll clean the house floors when it's empty.
  7. You run the A/C in the RV and not in the house.
  8. You start to realize how few dishes you really need daily.
  9. You make your daily coffee in the RV...and sit there to enjoy it.
  10. You are marking the days off on the calendar, counting down the days till you FULL-TIME!
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  1. It sounds like you are close to being ready.

    The mattress on our RV bed, while new, was not very comfortable to our taste. Costco has a memory foam topper that we added and it is very comfortable. There is 2 1/2" of memory foam and it goes into a zippered bag with a 1 1/2" padded "pillow" on top. The whole mattress then goes into this bag, so it adds about 4" height to your bed. Cost for a queen size was about $150 with smaller ones a bit less. We really like it and may buy one for the bed in the house, too.

  2. Congrats... I must confess I haven't visited in a while, you where off the whole RV thing and settling in your job so I figured you weren't going to hit the road, but glad to hear of all of your changes, and maybe someday I will be able to find the guts to do the same, for now. Making Hey while the sun shines....

  3. Hello Donna,

    I enjoy reading your blog to see how you are progressing on your RV journey. I especially enjoyed your post today with the ten points. I am still working and researching RV's. I am deciding between a Class C and a Class A. I am interested in your decision to purchase a C rather than an A.



  4. Donna,

    Your description reminds me EXACTLY of what we went through over 7 years ago as we went through the same process. Brings back great memories... Jack


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