Escapade Tuesday Check-In

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Made it to Goshen, IN with one coach batteries died overnight when I went to leave the Flying J. After finally getting my step to come back in...after it VERY slowly went out and then came halfway in, I got back on the road. Made the check-in deadline with room to spare, got parked and set up and plugged into shore power so my frig would get working again (not enough power to fire the propane for the frig).

At that point all I wanted to do was rest....LOL! But had to do the rest of the setup, met two solo guys who THOUGHT they were going to sit and relax and got them to help me with water filter hookup. Nice guys....have met a lot more of the SOLOs folks and am definitely having a good time as well as learning a lot.

I did get the solar power battery guy to check my batteries and they aren't charging. We're not sure why so have an appointment on Friday with the loacl RV Tech (they have a vendor booth and have been booking appointments...they were booked until Friday when I talked to them Monday early afternoon. Wow!!!

Anyway, wanted to let everyone know all is well and we're having fun (and BoBo loves all the new dogs he's meeting).

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. It might be worthwhile to carry a small 120v battery charger along although one would hope that once the main problem has been fixed it won't happen again. I've got to check & see how I'd get my steps to retract if the power failed. It would sure be difficult to drive very far with them extended!

  2. I have some serious reservations about how worth while those battery cut out switches are, especially for fulltime RVers or if you have a good solar system to keep them always charged. It is just something else to go wrong. When I first bought my Sea Breeze I would accidentally push that button now and then and it gets frustrating trying to figure out what happened. Then you just check there first. But mine always worked okay- it could be real hard to figure out if it were not working right.


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