Vacilate is my NEW middle name

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Vacilate is my NEW middle name... First it was a motorhome but a toy hauler. Then it was any toy hauler. Eventually it rolled back around to a Class A motorhome, and one of 2-3 brands. Yesterday I started thinking about the toad issue. Today I am swinging back towards a large pickup truck and a toy hauler fifth wheel (fiver).

Am I nuts? Probably...although the fiver would be more difficult to backup, I had hoped to never had to backup the motorhome (and with a toad attached would never backup without first detaching). The advantages to the fiver solution are two-fold. First, I would have a vehicle to drive other than the motorcycle. Second, and this is something not really addressed earlier, I could add a small washer/dryer combo machine (like the Splendide 2100) to the garage area. MAJOR convenience AND budget savings, no campground laundry facilities to be endured or paid for.

So, more research and internet bookmarks - found one brand and model I really like and haven't found anything posted to the negative. It's the Keystone Raptor - only downside is the smallest unit I like is still between 36-37'. Now I do realize that part of that overlaps the pickup, so in effect it's not a lot longer than a 34' motorhome.

Decisions....decisions....I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. I can understand your dilemma. I would think an RV would be easier to drive and backup. However, it does bring about the grocery and short trips problem.

    I wish you luck with what ever you decide. ((((((((Froggy))))))

    Bobbie, Fox 159


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