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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thanks to Billy Joel....I know it seems crazy that I can't make up my mind about what rig to finally get. The saga continues.....from motorhome to toy hauler to diesel pusher to toy hauler.....what will be next?

Today I visited another local dealer who carries the KZ line of Toy Haulers. I really liked them the quality was good and I could actually close the 10' ramp without much difficulty. That said, I do prefer the 12' ramp since the slope is not as steep. I spent several hours there....small family owned business, great people. The prices were definitely in my budget as well.

I spent about an hour by myself inside a 36' model, checking out everything I could. As I started REALLY looking around, I realized that while the living space was good, the storage space (drawers, cabinets, closets) was actually pretty slim. Yes, I could store stuff in the overhead bunk (keeping in mind that you want more weight down low) and yes, I could store more stuff in the garage/cargo area. But that would be stuff that I don't need to get into frequently (off-season clothes, old books, tax records, that kind of stuff).

I decided to take another look at carriers/lifts for a motorhome. This is a long-term decision for me...I can't afford to buy something and then not be comfortable in it. It also helped me realize that 36' would probably be the smallest toy hauler I would want to get. The definitely increases the length of my rig. I already knew that a 30' motorhome was just fine and if I had to add a toad, it still wouldn't equal the length of the fiver.

Since Allegro is my motorhome of choice (had thought about a Four Winds Hurricane but discovered the NCC just isn't high enough for me), I wanted to check out what frame they were using in the year range that I thought I could afford. Turns out that many are on the Workhorse chassis which gives me a lot of weight latitude.

I also found a great site for lifts, Cruiserlift RV Motorcycle Lift System and another solution from the same folks which is a tow dolly with a motorcycle carrier on the front, Tandem Tow Dolly. Although I know a tow dolly can be a pain to deal with, it would allow me to keep my Rav4 as well as carrying my motorcycle. Something to consider....

So, the pendulum sways back to the motorhome solution....but that also means I will most probably have to give up the washer/dryer (unless I happen to find one in my price range that already has them). Another plus for me is the automatic levelers, definitely easier than leveling a fifth wheel.

Other than the swinging pendulum, the day was great. While stormy earlier in the day, by afternoon it had cleared. Blue skies with temperatures in the mid 70's, perfect for sitting outside. The trees are filling out quickly, the sound of lawnmowers filled the air and a little male hummingbird thought my peach shirt was a flower. Brought a big smile to me.....definite signs of spring in full bloom.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. If you are interested in an Allegro you should check out the website Tiffinrvnetwork.com. They are all Allegro owners and I'm sure you could get good information from someone who already has the model you are looking at.They were very helpful to me when I first got my RV. One of the members who lives nearby even came over and helped me with a problem. I'm enjoying your site, Sparkle


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