Choices and Logistics

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Choices and logistics - that is what is driving my crazy. First I thought a Class A, since that is what we had before. Then I started looking at Toy Haulers (now also called Sport Utility Trailers or SUTs as well as Toy Boxes, Sport Haulers, Fun Movers, etc). While I really like the concept, nothing to tow with a motorhome toy hauler, the prices are soared out of sight in the last year (thanks to their popularity). The ones that I can afford are too minimalistic for my tastes. The used ones only come in the minimalistic design...who knew they would be so popular?

So next I looked into Class C motorhomes....they seem like they would be easier to drive. Well, at least they would feel more like being in a normal-sized vehicle. Downside is that they are just as wide as the Class A and you lose a lot of vision. Bigger downside is the lack of available weight for my "stuff" due to the lighter chassis that must be used.

So here I am again....back at a Class A. I took a trip to Nashville and visited several dealers there. I knew that 34', the size my husband and I lived in, was much more than I really needed. After walking through several Class A and Class C motorhomes in the 30-31' range, I knew that was more than adequate.

So next step was to start hitting all the classified ad sites....there are a TON of them. I saved the links to homes that I thought would fit my parameters, sticking with Tiffin Allegro, Four Winds Hurricane and Winnebago Adventurer. I also wanted 1999 or newer, preferably 2002-2003 vintage. Slides are a bonus, I can live without them. Levelers, generator & heated tanks are a must...would add the levelers & generator if I had to.

Now the logistics come into play....I can't buy until I sell. Once I sell, then I will know the timeframe I am dealing with to get moved out onto the road (buy the rig, get it here, move my stuff). Time to get things packed up to store at my youngest daughter's, time to pick up what I'm keeping and time to SELL everything else! LOL!! Then I get to figure out the logistics of getting the motorhome I want, getting it brought back here to load up and hitting the road. Oh, and did I mention that I have to learn to drive this thing?

I did sign up for the Life on Wheels Conference in Bowling Green, KY on May 12-15th. That should be very informative and although I probably won't be able to get driving lessons, there will still be a lot to learn. I've also rejoined Escapees, reactivated our lifetime Good Sam membership and found out what our old FMCA number was so that I can activate that once I complete the deed....

I have found one motorhome that would be perfect for's an Allegro that looks remarkably like our old one did....makes me feel at home just looking at the pictures. It's a 2003, 31' long with only 10k miles on it. The owner's husband passed away unexpectedly in January and since she won't be using it, they've put it up for sale. I'd love to have it but.....logistics, those darn logistics!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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