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Friday, April 21, 2006

I haven't posted in a while because there really hasn't been anything much to write about -- thus the "No News is No News". The house has been shown maybe 4 times - asked the realtor today to add a sign at the highway to direct more drive-bys to the house. Today I got a literature box to hold flyers with information on the house. Created and printed up a flyer with a few of the pictures that the realtors took. Hopefully this will help drive traffic as well.

tries, my little Katrina rescue pup, is doing really well. We visited her new vet today, she's gained half a pound since I got her. She's definitely bonded and knows that she is supposed to potty outdoors. But since she doesn't really bark, she hasn't figured out how to tell me she needs to go out - other than going to the door and waiting. Since I may be in the other room, once she gives up waiting, her deposit is left close to the door. LOL!

The visit to the vet was precipitated by the realization that I was going to have to kennel her while I attend the Life On Wheels conference in Bowling Green, KY next month. When I made my reservations she wasn't in my life. Checking out local kennels yesterday showed me that she still needed her innoculation against kennel cough (bordetella). So today, in the pouring rain, she got that done...and charmed everyone in the vet's office including the Schwan's delivery guys.

As to the rig, although I have thought more about the motorhome and the simplicity of it, the fifth wheel/truck solution is still the better one for me. I really don't want to sell my current motorcycle if I don't have to...the toy hauler would allow me to add a little 250cc bike for when the campground would be risky for my 1450cc cruiser. I know I can find used trucks in my price range even when getting a new (2006) model toy hauler (still mostly considering either the Keystone Raptor or KZ's Sportsmen Sportster).

I have to admit to being pretty excited about getting on the road, even though I know I will be intimidated driving the rig the first couple of times. I expect I will be very careful in planning my route. I've finally started to sell some of my extra motorcycle gear - started in the forums and what doesn't sell by Monday goes onto eBay. Once this first batch is done, then I'll continue on from there. Have a lot of things to sell, especially knick-knacks. Figure I'd better get started now!

Till next time- keep on rollin',


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