Quandry becomes my middle name

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Quandry becomes my middle name...yesterday I mentioned that I had found the "perfect" (for me) motorhome in AZ. I heard back from the owner's daughter and they are willing to hold it till July with a non-refundable deposit. I've never been much of a gambler but am wondering it I dare take a chance that my home might not sell between now and then. I am working on a counter-offer that would extend the timeframe a bit....not ready to toadily give up on it.

The house was shown again today and my neighbor has a friend that is going to tell someone she works with about it as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that something happens quickly.

I spent time working on updating my website, My Prime Years, not fixing the links, just the formatting. Also adding Google links, easy way to generate a little income. Feel free to nose around!

Today ended up being a nice day....bit overcast but beautiful temps. Looks like we're going to pay for it tomorrow...rain starting sometime in the morning, changing to severe storms (again) by tomorrow afternoon. Will be interesting to see how well Trixie and I do making potty runs in the rain.

Sometime this weekend I will drive over to Pigeon Forge to meet a group of lady RVers appropriately named the "Groovin' Grannies". I look forward to meeting them and checking out THEIR rigs.

Spent more time reading...getting into the more technical side of things: water, electric, etc. At least the basics for "Idiots" like me (yup, bought the "Idiots Guide to RVing". I need to get a notebook and start writing things down - things to remember, questions to ask, general notes about RVing.

Yes, I'm still very excited about all this....in fact that is part of the problem, I'm ready to do it NOWWWWWW!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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