#2Doods Report Cards

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Well, the pups continue to grow and learn. We've been so busy lately that training has fallen by the wayside.

So before we get back into the training groove, we thought we'd share their current report cards with you.

COOPER at 7 months:
  • Housebreaking: A
    ~ still has occasional excitement pee accident
  • Leash: B+
  • Obedience: B
  • Basic Commands [sit, stay, leave it]: A-
  • Learning the word 'NO': A
  • Table manners: A
  • Comes when called: B+
    ~ not always great when outside
  • Drops things when told to: B-
    ~ likes to run around first
  • Defiant: B
    ~ definitely showing his teenage defiance
  • Biting, Nibbling, or otherwise unauthorized use of teeth: A
  • Chewing 'chewies': A+
  • Chewing 'non chewies": A-
  • Jumping: A-
  • Counter Surfing: C
    ~ hard to catch him to scold him
  • Barking at 'nothing': C
    ~ sigh....still working on 'No Bark'
  • Emotional Sensitivity Level: Lunkhead
NOTES: Walks well with the gentle leader but needs to focus on whoever is walking him, more training

MURPHY at 4 months:
  • Housebreaking: A+
  • Leash: C
    ~ not good walking at the same time as Cooper, not enough practice
  • Obedience: B+
  • Basic Commands [sit, stay, leave it]: A-
  • Learning the word 'NO': A
  • Table manners: A+
    ~ sits & waits quietly while Cooper finishes eating & we pick up the bowl
  • Comes when called: A-
  • Drops things when told to: B
  • Defiant: A-
  • Biting, Nibbling, or otherwise unauthorized use of teeth: A-
  • Chewing 'chewies': A+
  • Chewing 'non chewies": C
    ~ loves to chew anything wood on the deck, including the lattice/railing
  • Barking at 'nothing': A
  • Jumping: B-
  • Counter Surfing: A-
    ~ only because he's not tall enough yet!
  • Emotional Sensitivity Level: Super Sensitive
    ~ cowers when we say 'No Bark' to Cooper because he associates it with the PetCorrector and he hates that
NOTES: Need to get better at walking in tandem, needs more training on advanced commands. VERY smart, uses the bell to get Cooper to go out so he can steal Cooper's chewie. Also barks once to come in, and when in, if Cooper is still out, he will ring the bell for us to let Cooper in.

We love our pups!!! Cooper is definitely THE JOCK and Murphy is definitely THE NERD/BRAINIAC. LOL!

Ciao for now!


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