2 Funny Doods - #2doods

Friday, November 24, 2017

As you already know, the Doods can sleep in some odd positions, especially Cooper. His nickname is Inkblot or Pretzel. Here's an example...or two...

Murphy sleeps a little more traditionally...well, a little more.

Here are the two of them...

Look closely....

A couple of funny things they have done lately but I couldn't capture a photo of...wish I had! Cooper now has a feeding table with a hole for a water bowl and one for a food bowl. We also have their old water bowl underneath for Murphy. The food bowl is only there when he's eating. Imagine our laughter when we saw Cooper drinking water in the bowl UNDERNEATH the table, through the open hole!

As I just said, we keep the old water bowl under the feeding table, mostly for Murphy. Not to be outdone, Murphy has taken to standing with his front feet on top of the table to drink from that water bowl!

We love our doods!

Ciao for now!


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