I LOVE FALL (I hate fall)!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the cool, crisp air. I love the color and smell of the falling (rotting) leaves. I have many memories from my childhood of raking the leaves into big piles and jumping into them.

Summer is nice...for a week or two. I'm not a hot weather person, nor a beach person (although I used to be). I find myself staying inside, enjoying the air conditioning.

Winter is nice...in Florida. I grew up in New England. I've had too many winters. Multiple layers of clothes, wet and cold feet, colds and flu. It's oh so pretty - to look at, if you don't have to drive in it.

Spring is nice...when the first flowers start popping out of the ground. But most springs are wet and muddy. Sorry, I'll get my flower fix elsewhere.

Cooper is a fall dog, too. He loves it so much we have to almost force him to come in at night, even when it's drizzly out. He lays on the chairs or little table on the covered part of the deck.

And that is why I now hate fall. No, not because Cooper loves it outside, that's a good thing. He races around the yard like an idiot and that tires him out. Yeah, a good thing.

This is why I now hate fall...


Burrs - which means every time he goes outside, he has to be brushed when he comes back in.

Every. Darn. Time.

Sigh.... Now to work on getting rid of this weed next spring so next fall I can be in love again.

Ciao for now!


  1. The seasons do bring their own joys and miseries. Burrs would be annoying, for sure. I'm a spring kind of gal. Everything's possible in spring, even a clean house if I set aside my books, and let my mind go on beta while I mop or vacuum.

    Thanks for stopping by the Write Game today. Please come back. I love new visitors. Lee

    1. Most people do seem to prefer spring - the time of renewals. But for me, it's fall. Maybe that's the New Englad in me.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my personal blog!

  2. Burrs are frustrating! Luckily, where we live right now doesn't have many of those. . .there are simply other horrible, irritating things. I'm a cool weather person, so I'm all smiles that Fall is now moving in.

    1. Cooper loves getting brushed several times a day. These burrs are much better than the "sand spurs" I remember from my barefoot days in Florida. Those would stick into your fingers as you pulled them out of your feet. Ouch! These are soft and easy to pull out. LOL!

  3. I love spring as it brings in everything new with it!

    1. That's how most people feel. I do love the warmth of the sun as we slowly move out of winter, though.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I didn't know burrs were a Fall thing. My dogs have been getting those caught in their fur a lot recently. I've seen them on the floor of the gym a lot more, too. Maybe I'm the one who tracked them in... We haven't had a problem with them until this year. I guess I should do some weeding, too. :o)

    1. Since this is our first year in our new house, we had no idea. These are obviously something we need to deal with...first try, putting mulching blades on our mower. Next year we'll pony up to buy the bagger for our lawn tractor ($400+). LOL!


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