Almost Disney - Day One

Sunday, March 3, 2013

1) Picked 4 1/2 y.o granddaughter, Jesse up at the airport at about 11:30
2) Had lunch with her dad before he headed back to Delaware
3) Got checked into our room and headed to Disney Marketplace
4) IT WAS PACKED! Maybe because it was Sunday and it's free.
5) Stu and Jesse rode the Merry Go Round ($2 for her, free for Stu)
6) Picked up a few essentials for Jesse (Mickey Mouse Ears/Cinderella hat, Princesses backpack, Rapunzel doll)
7) Watched Jesse build her race car at Legoland. First race she lost. Second race a staff member fixed her wheels so they turned. SHE WON!
8) Headed back to hotel around 5:30, getting COLD (and windy)
9) Jesse got some sunglasses at the hotel (forgot to get earlier)
10) Back to room, unpacked, played on computers for a bit before heading down to dinner
11) Decent dinner for all, several leftover items that will be a pre-breakfast snack (having a character breakfast at 10:20 in the Magic Kingdom)
12) Back to room, washed up and Jesse crashed by 8pm

As we drove into the resort, Jesse told us, "I can't stop smiling". Love it....

Later in the day, on the bus back from Disney Marketplace, Stu told her she was full of energy. She turned to him and said, "I'm full of gas."

We can only imagine what tomorrow will bring....character breakfast and a Princess makeover are already on tap!

Oh, snapped a ton of phone photos but will wait to post most of them. This was the best of the day....chocolate bliss!


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