Monday, March 11, 2013

Yup, we're in recovery mode after spending Sunday-Friday at Disney with our youngest granddaughter. She was a champ and behaved beautifully. A lot of fun was had by all. I took over 600 photos and need to go through them before uploading to SmugMug. Here are a couple of samples from my phone to hold you till then (click for larger image.

We got home late, late, Friday night after treating ourselves to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney (Disney Marketplace). Saturday morning we moved from Bee's back to Thousand Trails and Sunday we picked Sadie up. I got all the laundry done, email checked and miscellaneous stuff done.

We walked and walked and walked every day, to the point of pain and exhaustion. We've committed to walking at least an hour every day in preparation for our vacation in Ecuador. In fact, we just returned from today's walk.

Got a few minor things to get done this week - Sadie needs her checkup and heartworm meds refilled so I need to make an appointment at the closest Banfield. Stu wants to get our pickup's tires rotated and check out why we have a bounce at 40-45mph. And yesterday, the A/C in the pickup stopped working. Not good when you're in Florida.

Me? Well, I'm almost done with the formatting of the print version of "Home Again" and then get to start on the print version of "Not a Whisper". Both are still selling a couple of copies daily and the good reviews continue to roll in. My favorite is for "Not a Whisper" and is from a gal in Australia: "Ripper of a read!". LOL!


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