An interesting moving day....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We left Thousand Trails Orlando (Clermont) around 11:30 and our first turn was a u-turn. Stu made the light, I didn't. We use our CB's when traveling and I told him I'd catch up. It was a LOOOOOONG light so I just followed the GPS directions.

Thirty minutes later, still no sign of the RV so I checked my phone. Yup, there was a text message from him asking where I was. I waited for a red light and voice-texted him back. Turns out the truck GPS routing was very different from the car GPS routing. Our projected arrivals times were less than 10 minutes apart so we agreed to meet at Rt 60 and I-95 where there was a truck stop with a restaurant. Perfect lunch stop and then we traveled the last 15 minutes to the RV park together. LOL!

I do have to say that I can see why Stu's route wasn't the same as mine...I took Rt 192 east (to I-95) and the traffic was horrendous!! Stu headed south on Hwy 27 before going east on Rt 60. Once out of the Kissimmee//St Cloud area, it was wide open and an enjoyable drive. I saw hawks, heron and along the side of the road a proud mama Sandhill Crane with her fluffy little baby trotting along behind her.

Storms were due to move in late afternoon/early evening, high wind and possible hail. Of course because we bailed on dinner plans with family (while we rested), it never happened. LOL! We'll get with them tomorrow night as well as the following several days. Sunday is the motorcycle charity run and we're hoping for good weather.

During the day tomorrow we'll run some errands, nothing major. Maybe get some laundry done, too. It sure is nice to be back on 50 amp! We're settled into a site that used to house a mobile home...nice and wide as well as paved. Now we just need some good weather for some family motorcycle time!


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