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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not much new going here, just everyday life. The highlight was getting all our tax stuff together and sent off to our accountant. Phew...now we just have to wait for the bill. UGH!

We went to see the movie "Identity Thief". It was a funny movie with a feel good (almost) ending. So if you want a lot of laughs and don't get offended easily, give it a try.

Today we went for a nice motorcycle ride and ended up at the Miller's Orlando Ale House. We had eaten there once before and liked it. We repeated our beer order having discovered Rogue Dead Guy Ale...yummy!

Tomorrow the weather gets cooler and on Saturday we move to Bee's RV Resort again. Sunday we pick up our youngest granddaughter, Jesse, to Disney. WOOT!! The first couple of days will be cool, in the 60's during the day and down to upper 30's at night. By Wednesday another front will move through and then it warms back up.The last time we went to Disney it was early October and REALLY hot. This will be a nice change.

Jesse flies back home on Thursday and we'll take Friday as a day at Epcot for the two of us. ;-) Needless to say, don't expect another blog for at least a week. We'll be too busy having FUN!!


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