The four year search has ended!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Four years ago we flew to Orlando from Arizona for Stu's retired Firefighter reunion. There is a Denny's next door to the hotel that we used every year. In that Denny's there was a photograph that Stu fell in love with, a photograph of a bunch of guys standing around a car looking under the hood. Stu wanted it.

We have searched high and low online for this photograph. Poster sites, photography sites, eBay and more. Nothing, not even close. We found other nice retro pictures but Stu had his heart set on that one. I had given up hope of ever finding it.

Yesterday one of my lady riding friends posted a picture of a photograph she bought at Hobby Lobby. It was sitting on the hallway floor and her dog growled every time he passed it. Guess what the photo was? You got it....Stu's much wanted guys gathered around a car.

[Hobby Lobby]

I searched the online story for Hobby Lobby and found it! $50, a bit pricey but it's mounted on wood. Nice presentation of it so I sent the link to Stu. Needless to say he wanted it so tonight I added it to the store cart. Before I clicked the BUY ME button, I did a Google search for "Hobby Lobby Coupon Code". Wonder of wonders, there was a 40% coupon for the highest priced item in your cart...and it expired today. I applied the code and saved $20. Can you say HAPPY CAMPER?


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