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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We took the afternoon off and headed over to Epic Movie Theater in Clermont, about 15 minutes north of us. It was Stu's turn to pick a movie and he choose "Warm Bodies", a light thriller-comedy mix. If you liked "Zombieland", I think you'd like this. Great dialogue and mostly unknowns other than John Malkovich.

We headed around the corner for an ice cream but never expected the treat we found. The store is Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory and it is truly a unique experience.

From their website:
Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory is one of the hottest new liquid nitrogen ice cream concepts in the country. We use liquid nitrogen to freeze your very own ice cream creation within seconds. With temperatures reaching -328 degrees below 0 we are able to flash freeze the ice cream right before your eyes. Every child loves the quick little magic show as our “Magic Clouds”, flow across the countertop creating an exciting experience for all children. Come by and create your own flavor of ice cream or try one of Abracadabra’s suggestions.
Here are some photos I took today...we'll definitely go back. The ice cream was really good...as good as any we've had at Marble Slab or Cold Stone Creamery.

[click to enlarge]

They have two locations, the one in Clermont and another in Kissimmee.We'll be back for sure since we'll be in the area until March 20th.

Stu will be busy with his Firefighter Reunion through Saturday and I'm busy trying to finish up my mystery novel, "Not a Whisper". Watch for the release date!


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