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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our time here is winding down and we've enjoyed it here at Peace River Thousand Trails Park in Wauchula/Zolfo Springs area. Quiet park, at least where we are parked. LARGE lot, at least where we are parked. We've managed lots of down time for relaxation, getting over the colds we brought back from our cruise. We've visited friends in Sun City and bought a delicious half-flat of strawberries that just melt in your mouth.

We've gone to the movies, my pick, and saw The Hobbit (which I absolutely LOVED). We've gone bicycle riding almost every day. We've done a little shopping and we've done a little general catch-up on chores. Not bad for an eight day stay.

Tuesday we move back to the Clermont area and our first stay at the Thousand Trails park there. We've heard from our friend Nick Russell, who is there now, that it's packed. This park was too, we ended up with a 30 amp water/electric only but we opted out of the lottery for the full hookup sites since we loved where we were parked. We'll be there for two weeks before we move back to Bee's RV Park - we'll be swapping between those two every two weeks until March 20th when we move over to Vero Beach.

While I've been busy, my motivation for writing has been lacking. So, where did it go? It's been preoccupied with a new project. Tomorrow I'll redirect myself and get back to my editing my book. Oh, and catching up my various blogs.

So what has been my preoccupation? We're planning a fun vacation in South America...for a MONTH. Where? In Ecuador, home to the Galapagos Islands. Yup, Stu definitely wants to scuba there. Andes Mountains, Amazonian type rain forests and more. Oh my!


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