Colds, Pets, and More

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Still recovering from my cold and slowly trying to catch up. Stu's been busy with first of the year financial stuff and I'm slowly getting the final edit done on my mystery. I hope to get our cruise photos uploaded by the end of the week and a better post written. Not sure when Stu will get his scuba videos edited.

I just wrote a blog post about Our Pets and Their Health/Safety. Please take time to read it and pass it along to your family and friends. If you have pets, it's important.

Tomorrow we move from Wildwood, FL to the Thousand Trails park in Wauchula, FL. This will be our first stay at a Thousand Trails park. This one is close to our friends Larry and Judi as well as the folks that gifted us with the TT membership. We hope to meet up with all of them before we move back up to Thousand Trails in Clermont the following week. The rest of the winter will see us moving between Bee's RV Park and TT in Clermont before our final move to Tanglewood Park in Vero Beach where we will visit my brothers and their families.


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