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Monday, August 20, 2012

I know, I've already done Zion so it will be the bonus link (to photos). Zippo is new, even thought we covered PA before.

Zippo Lighters have been around for a long time and even though they aren't used much in the US anymore, they are overseas and they have a HUGE collector base. They are located in Bradford, PA and the tour is free. But even if there were a small charge, it would be worth it to see the collections and displays.

The first time I visited Zippo, my late husband and I were living just outside Bradford. In fact our first ever motorcycle poker run started out at Zippo. But back to the tour, this was around 2001 and the main display was WWII and Korea based as well as a movie section. Amazing display.

When Stu and I visited in 2008, the movie section had been expanded and the war display updated. It was still amazing and worth the time to visit.

BONUS: Zion National Park


  1. I am a throw-back. I still use a zippo to light the pipe. Had a CB themed one that I used for 30 years, but lost it a couple years ago. *sob* Zippo still will repair any of their lighters that need it for free.

  2. Ta Da you made it through Z. I have been reading your early beginnings to RVing.... House goes on the market in September!

  3. I have a Zippo which belonged to my Pappow. Not sure when they began making them, but he'd had it since before WWII. He left it home so he wouldn't lose it. Thank God he came back from the war and used it for a very long time!... I've enjoyed your A-Z listings. Great idea!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  4. The trend of customizing Zippos first started in the military and almost every soldier carried a personalized Zippo. Outside of the military, civilians also started buying cheap Zippo lighters without any decorations or engraving and engraved their own initials and graphics on their Zippos to create a unique lighter that only they could own.
    Zippo Gravieren


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