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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We all love our lifestyle because we can move easily, at least most of the time. But sometimes we can't move or can't move quickly enough and we get exposed to some nasty weather.

We've sat or driven through:

What about you? Have you had to deal with severe weather or have you been able to move/out run it?


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  1. Leaving Amazon in December of 2008 we hit black ice coming across I80 with the truck and 5th wheel. Man was that scary. Linda B was driving...I could feel that the road was freezing so told Linda to slow down more than we were already going, which was way slower than anyone else. i had been in an accident with my pickup a few years earlier where I got sideswiped by a double tractor trailer and peeled the box of my truck like a sardine can. Anyway, the back end of the 5th wheel started to come around...Linda gave it more gas to straighten it out and there was a rest stop about a mile up the road. We stopped and waited it out till the salt trucks came....both really shaken from the whole ordeal. Now we don't travel anywhere that there is even a remote chance of snow or ice. Too scary.


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