Repairs and Redwoods

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Living on the road doesn't mean real life goes away. Repairs on our rolling homes can come more frequently, think of it as driving your house through an earthquake and a hurricane...every time you drive down the highway. Things break plus there is always some sort of scheduled maintenance to be done.

I am so lucky to be married to someone who has good mechanical skills and who isn't afraid to tackle some pretty nasty roadside repairs. We've survived the following replacements/repairs:

BONUS: Redwoods


  1. I certainly hear ya with having a "handy guy" on board for repairs...Stu gets a "McGyver" for those fixes..:-)

    1. We're lucky to both have great McGyvers in our lives!

  2. Good thing, because if any of those things happened to me, I'd be stuck!

  3. Got to admire the man that is handy and mechanical or/can figure out how to fix things!

  4. Geez, just when I think I've got myself talked into going on the road, you have to remind me about reality.


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