Ups and downs, highs and lows...what a day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A great high, having dinner at Texas Roadhouse with family. Here are a few shots including a buttery face and a lemony smile!

Fun day....Stu took Sadie the pup and headed to youngest daughter's with oldest daughter's pressure washer, to clean up the outside of the house, etc in prep for her big 30th birthday party. I stayed home. Then comes the phone call, Stu needs me to bring his laptop and engine diagnostic tester over, the truck runs but won't move (it's in "creep home" mode). I load up the trike and head the 35 or so miles over there.

Several hours later, the tow truck picks up Scooby and takes him to a Ford dealer where they will look at him on Monday. Stu & Sadie ride the trike and I ride youngest's new Softail Deluxe (if you remember I rode it home from DC for her).

Of course nothing comes easy, the battery on the bike is dead. No problem, they'll put it on the Battery Tender. Ummm, something blew one of the breakers in the house and they have power issues. Okay, we'll jump it from the lawn tractor. Errr, the lawn tractor is out of gas (Stu had mowed the lawn while waiting for me).

Gas it up, connect them go. Let it charge for a go. Start up the tractor again, rev it for a go. Sigh, now youngest daughter brings her car over for the jump. Connect them up, still no go but in a couple of minutes it finally fires. Phew!

So, five hours after Stu left the house, we're finally on our way back home. Sadie is VERY happy to get a bike ride...of course so is Stu. Okay, me, too. LOL!

The traffic was heavy between the holiday weekend and traffic heading into Ocean City but for the most part it moved along okay. The weather was another matter. We looked at the ominous clouds in front of us and when the temperature dropped and the sky grew blacker, we pulled over and put on our rain gear (the highlight of the day, having both sets on the trike).

We managed to dodge the rain drops but at least we were warm and protected from the road spray. In many areas it had obviously rained hard. We pulled into the yard, turn off the bikes...and the Deluxe keeps blinking. Seems there is a security system on it and we had forgotten to pickup the key fob. Oops! Fortunately, Stu's previous Tri-Glide had a security system and he remembered how to clear it.

Tomorrow we head back on the two bikes to help youngest celebrate her 30th birthday. Now we just hope we can bypass the security system in the morning...if not, we'll both ride the trike and bring the key fob home to return again on Sunday.

So all in all, a long day with a lot of highs and lows...oh, another high, Stu took our food contribution over today so no finagling with it tomorrow! LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Sadie does look happy. I have to tell you, when I first looked at that picture of the grown-ups at the table, I had to do a double take. The fella on the right wearing glasses looks so much like our middle son, they could be twins! Probably just the angle but it was very strange there for a minute. Those shots of the buttery face and the lemon face were just precious.

  2. Good to have so many transportation options. Would be even better if they all worked. :)

  3. Some days are just created to try our patience. This was obviously one of those days!

  4. Boy, the lengths Sadie will go to to get a bike ride. Tell her to cut it out.

  5. Betca OC, MD is packed this weekend for sure.

    We ate at a Texas Roadhouse here in Nebraska last week. Gotta love those rolls!

  6. Busy day! I love Texas Roadhouse food but it's always so busy and crazy loud that it's hard for me to relax and enjoy. I'm delighted that all 3 of you had the chance to take a ride! :)

  7. Isn't it crazy how simple things turn out to be so burdensome at times? I once took a 5 minute drive to the store only to return 3 hours later on the end of a wrecker.

    Well, at least patience...or at least a little bit of it paid off for you guys and you were able to enjoy somewhat of a good time.



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