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Friday, May 11, 2012

Wednesday started out like any other day....alarm woke us, breakfast eaten, lunch packed, and headed out to PT in Annapolis by 9 am. Stu had a good PT session, we enjoyed the atrium views while we ate our lunch and then Stu had his surgical follow-up appointment at 1:15 (same building, different floor).

His check-up went very well and he won't go back till we return to the area in the fall. A gorgeous spring day greeted us as we went outside to head home. Climb into Scooby (our pickup truck)....the starter doesn't catch. We try several times, no go. Stu digs out the few tools he had stored, beat on the starter, no go.

Fortunately, as stated in an earlier post, we had our Good Sam Road Service card stored on my phone (the original card is in Freddie, our Freightliner). We called and they told us the tow would arrive in 100 minutes or less. We settle in for a wait, thank goodness for Kindles & smartphones.

120 minutes later, no tow truck, Stu's phone rings and it's Good Sam checking to see if we've been picked up. We tell them no, they contact the tow company who says they are 5 minutes away, they were delayed by traffic.

That we could understand since for the last 90 minutes there had been sirens wailing as police cars screamed down the road in front of the hospital and helicopters whirling overhead. Turns out that during a traffic stop, two suspects had exited the car and took off running...just down the road from us.

The tow truck arrived about 4:30 and managed to get Scooby loaded. They only had room for one passenger so I called Enterprise for a rental...thank goodness they pickup! They took Scooby to the closest Pep Boys where Stu arranged for a new starter to be ordered and installed while I went to Enterprise to complete the paperwork.

Finally we were headed home and Stu thought we deserved a little break so we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Nice end to a very long day!

$500 later (repair + car + fuel) Scooby is back home, the little Chevy HHR is back at Enterprise and some other day I'll tell you about my HHR fuel escapade. [snicker]

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Glad it was easily solved and you had the $500 to spend! Seems like our cars behave the worst whenever we're the most broke! :)

  2. Wow! Exciting times! Every day's an adventure!

  3. Ouch... I had to cough up an extra $45 for my van tow last month in order to get it to my mechanic of choice. AAA only pays for 5 miles for a tow and it is now $5/mile for any extra.

  4. @Beth Don't know what we'd do without credit cards sometimes. Sigh...

    @Sharon Yup, real life follows you everywhere. LOL!

    @DC Check into RVRoadHelp, it's a joint venture between KOA and Allstate. Covers all vehicles, no limits on miles. Mike & I had them, lots of RV & MC friends still use them. Good for cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles....

  5. Oh well, the good news is that Stu is "good to go" on his knees! The other stuff you can all take in stride now, right? (bad pun)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Never a dull moment. But I do hate it when the truck breaks down. I feel so stranded. Nice that Stu is doing so well. Just don't let him slack off because he doesn't have to go back to the torturer.

  7. You just never know what the day will bring you, huh? Glad you are both OK.

  8. We had our starter do that to us once but it was in our 40' motorhome and we were in the middle of nowhere! Oh well. Stuff happens and we deal with it and move on. Glad Stu is doing so well. That's the important thing.

  9. Yes, well, it could always be worse! We got stuck in the middle of nowhere (NM) with a failed alternator and had to wait almost two hours for a 107 mile tow into Albuquerque. Luckily we had upgraded our AAA to RV+ and it paid the tow (they have a 100 mile limit but let it go). One of my readers later told me if I had run the generator, I could have driven there myself as the generator feeds the truck as well. Oh well, next time!

  10. Thanks everyone for your continued support!!


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