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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things are still going well here. This is Stu's last week of PT, at least outside the home. This weekend we plan to move from our stepdaughter's yard over to Stu's oldest daughters yard. We'll be there for two weeks, getting our grandbaby fix before heading to TN. We might even manage to get on the motorcycles!!

We also will be attending Stu's twin granddaughter's high school graduation. They recently had their senior prom, thought we'd share a couple of photos. Great gals!!

Sadie is still enjoying her sister time, they will definitely miss each other when we leave.

For those so inclined, please visit this page to read the nine entries in a flash fiction contest, then visit here to cast your vote. One of them is mine, but vote your favorite. Some are REALLY good!

We are getting excited now that Stu has progressed so well - we are looking forward to the CMA Music Fest. We will probably just do the evening main events, saving our energy and avoiding the heat of the day.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Glad to hear Stu is progressing - sounds like you guys have control on the situation. CMA music fest!!!!! How great is that - I envy you!!!
    We are in Charleston SC for a week, leaving Sunday for Va and the East Coast - pretty soon Nova Scotia for a one month stay and then onto Old Quebec for a one month stay.

    1. If you are coming anywhere near the Philadelphia area let us know, maybe we can meet up. Loretta

  2. On your way to TN you are planning to stop in Abingdon at Cracker Barrel for brunch aren't you????? hope hope hope!!

  3. Stu's granddaughters are beautiful ladies! I hope they had fun.

    I voted on your story yesterday at 5 something in the morning. It was the first vote and it looked like you were winning... by a landslide. Then I noticed... one vote! lol! I haven't checked back to see how you're doing, but I thought yours was the best!

  4. Glad to hear that Stu is doing so well. The granddaughters are beautiful. Nice family, I love the dogs too. Loretta

  5. Gorgeous girls. I'm glad hubby is doing well such a huge thing to recover from. My hubby loves your RV truck ,we don't have ones as big in the UK he thinks it's amazing.


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