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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Well, we did it...we finally bought into the Thousand Trails campground memberships. We had been watching the resales for a couple of years and just had a hard time justifying the costs involved in the transfer process. Whenever we'd find a good one, it would be gone just that quick.

Well, now there is a new way to join called a Zone Pass. The country has been broken up into four zones. You get unlimited camping (based on each campground's restrictions). The first 30 days are free and you pay $3 a day after that. Not a sales pitch, just passing along something that MIGHT interest other RVers!

"No matter how many zones you purchase, your annual fee is just $499. That comes to less than $42 a month. And for a limited time, the one-time enrollment fee is waived for the first zone you purchase."

Until the end of December they are offering a sale. Buy one zone and get one free! For $499 we got two zones...the $795 enrollment free on the second was discounted. Hard to resist...but granted, it isn't for everyone. You need to read all the details..and if you get more than one zone, be SURE to click the "Click Here to make any changes to your cart.."

One last thing, if you do decide to buy one or more Zone Pass, we would really appreciate being used as your referral. Contact us and we will give you the information needed to credit us as a referral. You can sign up online and still do the referral, or you can call and do it that way.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

NOTE: This offer is not valid in MN, MS, or SD [I have heard that those in SD used a relatives adddress successfully.]


  1. Sure sounds like a great deal! We pay that much in fees annually for the one Ranch we belong to in Missouri. I'm heading over to check it out. Thanks for sharing! K

  2. Two questions. Does that mean if you have a SD mailing address it isn't available? Is this your new blog?

  3. nice work on the Thousand Trails membership..and quite the deal in comparison to the one in BC!..try about $5000..and there is only a few parks it is good for in BC!

  4. we have been considering buying into the southwest and northwest for our trip out west next year but we are leery to do so until we know we will return to the same area more frequently...

  5. We've had a Thousand Trails membership for many, many years. We absolutely love it. You'll find some people are negative about memberships but they don't work for everyone. For the ones it does work for, it's a great money saving tool while allowing you to stay at fabulous parks.

    Of course, we have our favorites .... maybe we'll see you there sometime.

  6. I'm new to RVing and look forward to reading more about the memberships. Thanks for posting this. It sounds like a good deal!

  7. We have been researching the various memberships. this sounds like it may be a good deal. we will look into it and use you as a referral if we join.

  8. I have been a Member of TT/N for about 30 years. My dues are $550 year for ALL the parks! I love TT/N, It is a good deal IF you use it, if you don't them it's money wasted. I full timed for six years, staying mostly in TT/N parks.

  9. Thanks for the info ~
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. We purchased the Southeast Zone Pass last year. . .it save us boo koos on our summer trip. . .we've enjoyed almost all of the parks. . .and the parent company, Encore offers discounts at their participating parks to TT members. . .it's been worth every penny. . .in our opinion.


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