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Friday, November 18, 2011

We often get strange looks when we tell folks that we are taking a vacation. After all, we live in an RV and travel all the time. Why would we need a vacation? They don't understand that even though we live this way, we still have day to day life to deal with. The same four walls can get old....LOL!

So we are always on the lookout for new and interesting vacations. We recently booked a 5 day trip to Las Vegas. We had reward points that were going to expire. They covered the airline tickets. They we researched and found a great deal at Planet Hollywood. We got the dates co-ordinated and voila! Instant vacation…

As you know we just came back from two different timeshare vacations in the Smokey Mountains. We try to do that at least one week a year…this year we managed three weeks.
We love cruises and have a seven day cruise to the Western Caribbean this February…we’ll be going with other retired Firefighters that we know. Should be fun!

We’ve cruised Alaska (inside passage), the Panama Canal (only half way, still want to do the whole trip through) and both have done (separately) the Eastern Caribbean. Someday we’d like to fly to Hawaii and cruise all the islands. Also the South Pacific is on our list along with Scotland.

Recently we have taken to watching a show on TV, Househunters International. It’s opened our eyes up to a lot of interesting places to visit (not live…LOL!). For example, South America offers a lot more possibilities other than “scary” places like Columbia. I found a great website, NAVIMAG Ferries, that offers some amazing Patagonia Chile tours. I would never have thought about this but now it’s really intriguing to me….hmmmmm! Have bookmarked their site for now but will be back.

So where do YOU vacation?

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. This so makes me laugh...things I looked for now when we 'vacation'? Definitely a big bathtub and unlimited hot water. Most everything else I don't worry about! LOL! :)

  2. I love House Hunters International - so cool seeing the types of homes there are all over the world. :)

  3. We've loved both times we've cruised from New York City to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Canada. ..so hope to take our RV there and spend an extended time someday! And yes, cruising Hawaii is great. . .make sure you do that!

  4. We're just finishing up a one week "vacation" in Cozumel, Mexico(timeshare). A little break from the camper is nice. We never miss "House Hunters International"!

  5. OK...I gotta admit it..I am very fearful of flying,..so afraid it totally ruins my trip when we arrive because I know I have to get back on a plane to leave...I know it's dumb..What makes even more stupid is the fact the McGuyve had his pilot's license at one time and I flew with him...Thus, we keep our feet firmly planted in North America...and that's that.

  6. We did our traveling like that before going fulltime but we really enjoyed Vantage Travel's river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. Their tour guides use a headset system to talk to you so you don't have to be really close to hear them which gives you more freedom to actually SEE the sights.

    And we loved their cruise of the Hawaiian islands. We got to see a new lava flow happening.


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