Thursday, November 3, 2011

I know, I'm WAY behind in blogging....and it's not going to get any better. LOL! We've had a busy two weeks and that will continue for a bit.

We had just arrived in Jamestown at Maple Hill RV Park and we packed up the trike and trailer for our week at Fontana Village in NC. Sadie was enjoying a week at doggy camp (Copyright Pet Resort) and the sun was shining. A great drive over, enjoying the fall colors, taking back roads all the way.

We took the Tail of the Dragon (US 129) and the photographers were got a good shot of us. Pulling into Fontana Village was familiar since we had visited in the spring. The trees were still showing a lot of color.

We rested on Saturday, taking a day to relax and enjoy our little cabin. We had rented a 2BR/2BA and had small front and back porches. The view from both was great. We sat on the porch with our coffee, reading and enjoying the sunshine and nature in general. Later we ate at the Lodge restaurant and used the free wi-fi there to check online.

Sunday took us to Maggie Valley where we enjoyed the fall colors and visited the Wheels Through Time Museum. They aren't open every day so we wanted to be sure to get there. Well worth the visit...set up in old garage settings mixed in with intriguing displays. Old equipment made from motorcycle engines, old much to see. We plan to visit again next summer. From there we headed back on the Blue Ridge Parkway...always a great ride. We saw a LOT of Kudzu...the vine that ate the south. If it doesn't move, it will get covered...

Wheels Through Time Museum [more photos]

Monday we headed out to the town of Dillsboro and the craft shops. What a neat little town...I picked up a small quilted hanging for the RV (and eventually the cabin). We stopped in for some lunch at Kostas Restaurant...great food! From there we headed south to Franklin, NC and back home on Rt 28....aka The Hellbender which is part of the Moonshine 28 route. Someday we'll ride the whole route...we loved what we did ride.

Tuesday we headed out to Cherohala Skyway and back home via US 129, the Tail of the Dragon after stopping to eat at Sunshine Family Restaurant on Hwy 411. LOVED IT! Turned out to be a perfect day! Needless to say, the photographers were still out and Killboy got another great shot...sans BRAT2.

Wednesday took us over to Cades Cove, a great historic ride through breathtaking countryside. We were surprised at the number of visitors since it was the middle of the week. From there we headed into Pigeon Forge to visit the local Harley dealer and have dinner at Mel's Diner, always a treat for us.

Thursday we planned to have another rest day...four days of all day riding, rain in the forecast. Didn't work out quite that way. I woke up early...with a bladder infection. The closest medical center was in Robbinsville, 30 miles (and 50 minutes) away. Thank goodness they could squeeze me in. We got the medicine and headed back to the cabin...just in time to miss the rain.

Friday found the rain sticking around longer than originally forecast but our week was up. We loaded up BRAT2 and headed off. Miserably wet and cold, we stopped at Sunshine Family Restaurant for lunch, knowing we could wait out the weather comfortably. One of the waitresses even moved her car to let us park under cover. We ended up sitting there for three hours, still raining and temperatures dropping. We had about two hours left to get home but we decided it would be better to grab a hotel for the night and ride home on Saturday when it would be cold but SUNNY!

Since then we got Sadie picked up, did some grocery shopping at Sam's Club and saw the movie Puss in Boots (2D - really cute), put stuff in/took stuff out of our storage unit (which looked like the earthquake hit it), checked out the property (so Sadie could play with Keta) and had dinner with friends from my old neighborhood in Sparta. First is Dawn and Barry, next is Karen and Tom. These folks helped me through so much when I lost my husband in 2004. Everyone should have wonderful neighbors like these folks.

Now we are getting ready to take Sadie back to doggy camp for another week. We head out in the morning to another timeshare, this time in Pigeon Forge. We'll be just around the corner from Dollywood and will visit this weekend (and Thursday) to enjoy the Dollywood Christmas. Mon, Tue, Wed will find us on the bikes just enjoying the area.

So that's where we are in a nutshell. When we get home, Stu still has to find a replacement tire and repair the brakes. The brake parts arrived while we were gone but there hasn't been time (or good enough weather) to do anything with them.

Oh, one more change....we are no longer going to Branson or New Orleans before Florida. We have booked three months at Bee's RV Resort in Clermont, FL. We'll be spending Dec-Feb there before heading back to Maryland for Stu's surgery.

Doubt there will be another blog till we get back...but then again, you never know. We will have internet this time around (with our aircard)!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu



  1. Wow! What a whirlwind you've been in, Girl! But it looks like life is good for you and Stu. And Sadie. Great! Keep on enjoying life.

  2. I have a friend who is an avid "bike" rider...she has frequent urinary tract infections when on the road..Must be the sitting and bumping??? Sounds like you and Stu are living inside a tornado!! LOL...Be safe..

  3. What great pictures! A beautiful time of the year to tour on the bikes. Hope you are feeling better now. Have fun and stay safe.

  4. You have been busy!! And seeing a beautiful part of our country. We were there in June and September and had a great time.

    Safe travels!! Watch out for the other guy on those bikes!!

  5. whew! I'm dizzy! But then that's nothing new!! lol

    And you are not the only one who is way behind in Blogville!

    Have fun!


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