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Monday, November 28, 2011

The days have flown by, filled with chores, errands, lunches with friends, more chores, more errands...LOL! Yup, pretty much like living in a house and being retired.

Stu finally managed to finish the last of the damage to the wires and cables...he had to create his own cables. I can now run the microwave and the coffeemaker at the same time. The propane line is fixed and leak-free.

Of course, you fix something and you just KNOW something is going to break. While running our A/C unit heat pump, I suddenly smelled something strange. Well, long story short, we think one of the capacitors broke....again. We've replaced them in two of the three A/C units and the symptom was the same. Strange smell and then it doesn't heat or cool. We'll get that fixed when we get to Florida. Thank goodness for our propane furnace. Sadie prefers that anyway, she loves to lay over one of the heat vents when it's running.

When I mentioned looking into Zenni Optical in an earlier blog, someone mentioned a special at Sears. So I went online looking for the coupon. Sure enough, $199 for no-line glasses!! I checked out locations and found out the the Sears in Cookeville had an optical center. So we headed off, haircut first, then Sears for glasses. I've been wearing a similar style for quite a few years and wanted something a little more current. After several tries, we settled on these...they'll be sent to the Sears store in Brookville, FL and should be there next week.

Our other exciting news is Stu trading in his 2009 Tri-Glide for a 2012 Tri-Glide. We picked it up on Friday and after finishing the electrical work on the rig, Stu spent the rest of the weekend putting on new accessories. He's not done of the items doesn't fit this model. We'll exchange it tomorrow when we pick up the last couple of items that were ordered.

Here is the photo from Harley-Davidson...

Here is the photo at pickup on Friday...

We'll take one in the sun once we get to Florida. The colors are so classy and the red really pops. So far it's my favorite color out of all three Big Red trikes. Oh, be sure to visit Sadie's blog...she has a picture of her HELPING Stu. LOL!

Today Stu will finish up on the bike, clean up the garage and if there is a break in the rain, load up both motorcycles (his needs to be repositioned...and it has to be out in order to load mine). Then load the BRAT Rack and BRAT2 on the back, finishing up the biggest outside chores. We'll also take a big load of stuff (already in the truck) over to our storage unit.

Tomorrow will be a Cookeville day....Sam's Club & Wal-Mart for groceries, Petco for some Sadie stuff, Harley to pick up/exchange parts for the new bike, Kohl's so I can look for some sheets (and use my $30 worth of Kohl's cash that I got when I bought a Keurig B60 coffeemaker during Black Friday dealings), and finally a idea what one.

Oh, last item....Stu got his Kindle Fire and I got my Kindle Touch. He is really enjoying the Fire, the only thing he dislikes is the lack of customization to the home page. At least he hasn't found a way to change it. There is a carousel that lists all the books in your Amazon archive and all your apps, a bookshelf that shows the most recently visited items and at the bottom of the page is the most used item...a favorites bookshelf. He enjoys playing Angry Birds as well as Free Cell and a few other card games.

My Kindle Touch definitely took some getting used to. Over the last year+ I have "bought" over 800 books, most of them FREE at the time of purchase. On my old Kindle, I had only unread books downloaded and as I bought books, they automatically downloaded. That meant my archived books were books I had already read. Then along comes the new Kindle and I have to re-download my entire archive, move them into categories (collections folders) one by one and archive back the ones I've already read. Cumbersome to say the least, but using collections folders is the ONLY way to cleanly organize a large number of books. I haven't found a "go to page" when displaying books any other way. So, all in all, we are both pleased with our Kindles and are on the downhill side of the learning curve.

Wednesday we hope to be on the road by 9 am...a bit of a chore for us, but we hope to stop in Atlanta and have lunch with my youngest daughter. The weather has been mostly rainy the last few days...with highs dipping into the 40's tomorrow. Definitely time to move south...

Probably won't blog till Friday or Saturday...from Bee's RV Resort in Clermont, FL, where we will be till the end of February. We were there last year and really liked the place. Stu will be leaving on Sunday to spend three nights over in the Deland area, taking a scuba certification class. He let his expire a while back and has been regretting it every time we go on a cruise or visit Cabo/Cancun. Florida has a lot of companies that offer the certification classes and he found one he liked.

Okay, off to work on today's chores....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Love the new bike...very cushy looking...We couldn't keep up with you two!! Turns out we are going through Texas...not sure where after that...Have fun in Clermont..We had a group of skydivers who flew out of Sandwich Airport on an old DC-3, Mr. Douglas, out of Deland, FL...big skydive area...

  2. You guys sure have been busy... Glad to hear you're coming back to Florida...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. great new trike..and the colour must be spectacular in the sunshine!!!

  4. Thoroughly enjoying your blog! And I have got to check out Bee's RV resort - when I start RVing!
    Love the bike!

  5. Wow, you do sound busy. I have found that since I retired, I too have been crazy busy. How on earth I ever found time to work remains a mystery to me!

  6. Great update. Sounds like you have gotten a lot of things done lately. Curious issue on the capaciters that keep frying…we had that issue last year and it was replaced which seemed to fix it. Hope it gets solved soon. We are heading to the central Florida area for a while and would love to see/meet you guys if it works out. Safe Travels!

  7. Sorry forgot to mention - got the package. HAven't opened it, I asked Kenn to package it for under the tree. ;) Thanks again, I am sooooo excited!!! Love ya!!!


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